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Free Android Apps and Games At MoboMarket

About MoboMarket

It is an independent 3rd Party Android App Store. It is not available on Google Play Store, so you should take caution in downloading this because there are lots of replications out there. The best thing about MoboMarket apart from apps and games is the exclusive themes and wallpapers. It is known to be a wonderful replacement for Google Play Store. In MoboMarket you don’t need a Google account to log in. app manager is included in Mobomarket which combines a number of useful features with which you can   have full control over your app.

Features of MoboMarket

There are 3 tabs in the mobile home dashboard – Collections, Featured and Rankings. MoboMarket has many interesting apps which are not available in the Google Play Store. There are plenty of features which are similar to the normal Play Store here so you won’t be actually confused with the settings and options. MoboMarket also suggests you apps based on the other apps you have installed on your smartphone.

There are 5 different main tabs – Focus, Apps, Games, Custom and Search. The first tab which is the focus tab is equipped with trending apps and collections, the apps are shown by the Apps tab according to featured, latest, rankings and categories, same for Games tab, next we have Search tab which has an option for searching apps exclusively and the last tab is Custom, where you can download themes and wallpapers for your Android device. They are also equipped with have RAM Booster, Startup Optimiser, Android Cleaner, etc apart from Google Play Store. The main branch company,, is celebrating their 2nd year anniversary and MoboMarket gets upgraded to a new version (3.0ver). A lot of interesting features which be extremely beneficial to the Android users have also been introduced.

Some of the new features include Geo-Location and Content Pushing, a brand new user-interface and plus a recommendation system to make things simple. Due to their hardwork and perseverance MoboMarket has a tremendous reach of 100 million users worldwide with almost 5 million daily active users. Their reach has been throughout North America, South East Asia, Middle East, and North Africa. If you want something more interesting than the Google app store or if you want to experiment with various different apps, games, themes, wallpapers, etc., then you should definitely go for MoboMarket. You can download the app by clicking on this direct download link or just by scanning the below QR code from your Android device.

Mobomarket Interface

The app is user-friendly and not very sophisticated like many other third party app stores, which make this app better than the other options. The interface is very smooth and simple. You can locate the apps of your choice easily. You will hardly get confused within the categories. The Mobomarket store supports 5 Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu. User Interface is feather smooth and runs without flaws or glitches. It is very easy to navigate and feels very refreshing than Google play store. Mobomarket is quicker than other third party app stores and works better. The downloading time is also much quicker.

Why should you use MoboMarket?

If you want to download any new apps you’ll obviously visit Google Play Store and pick the ones you like, people are often restricted to that circle, but they shouldn’t. You can checkout replacements which are cool and amazing for example MoboRobo. This app store contains various useful applications and games and it is the one stop application store for your Android device.

Mobomarket is better than a variety of other choices in the market probably because the application is user-friendly. There are many similar apps grouped under categories. The ranking of the apps is done in a simple way, for users to easily discover the best apps in the store.

The best part is that Mobomarket comes with a built-in cleaner app that doesn't pile up apps on your Smartphone. It is efficient in cleaning up your phone to ensure smooth performance of the phone. The better the space on your phone on the phone, the faster it runs with a built-in cleaner app.

With the help of Mobomarket you can look for all sorts of apps at one platform. You can discover and download the apps and games of your choice easily by looking into various categories. You need to download the APK from the company's website and then download the Mobomarket. After the installation you can log in easily to avail of the features