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Share File, fastest cross-platform transfer app with free online videos & music.

About Share File

What is Share File?

Found in April 2015,  Share File is a technology company. This app is used to transfer files including photos, videos, music, contacts, apps or any other files. Windows, Windows Phone, Android and Ios devices can make use of  Share File to transfer files directly. Currently, it is available in languages including English, Hindi,  This app offers a connection protocol that is secure and has transfer speeds faster than Bluetooth. Before the development of  Share File, the only best method for file transfer was Bluetooth or USB device.  Share File offers its users with a wide range of digital entertainment such as videos, music, films, GIF, meme etc. It has a total of 1.5 billion users worldwide and is also stands for one of the ten most downloaded apps.

What are the features of Share File?

  • Fastest in the world- Share File tops the list when it comes to transferring of files. It is undoubtedly the fastest sharing apps. It can transfer files at speeds up to 20M/s. It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth and is widely used.
  • Transfer any type of files-Share File excels in transferring files from one Smartphone to another. The app has been implemented with optimized software so that it can support all types of files. From basic pictures to fully installed apps, everything can be shared using this app. It proves to be a great app in your workplace as you can easily share important data such as Excel Spreadsheet and Powerpoint presentations.
  • Built-in media player-Share File provides you with a wide variety of options that users can benefit from such as a built-in media player. Share File features infinite online videos which come in HD quality and can be watched at any time and even offline. You can even watch your favorite online content offline by simply downloading it.
  • Discover and listen to trending music- Share File features a powerful inbuilt music player. The music player comes with a customizable equalizer that users can optimize so that the music they are listening to sounds more immersive and overall better. The users can also discover trending music in the app’s user interface. More than ten million high-quality songs and thousands of curated playlists can listen to online as well as offline.
  • Get GIFs, Wallpapers, and stickers- Share File also provides users with wallpapers, stickers and even GIFs. Share File is an all in one app and comes handy at all times. The GIFs, stickers, and wallpapers can be personalized as well as downloaded and even shared with friends.

How does the Share File app work?

Share File recently established itself as the best online file transfer tool. Its rating is quite high on the Google play store. Share File supports PC connectivity for Android devices. The technology used behind this app is very simple to explain. It makes use of the concept of Wi-Fi direct. A host server is created within the application by using Wi-Fi direct so that other devices can connect and share files.

Why use Share File?

  • This app works at a superfast speed which is one of its distinguishing features. It is about 200 times faster than Bluetooth and under optimum conditions, a speed of up to 20 Mbps can be achieved.
  • Share File is an independent platform and can share files between Android and Windows Phone, Android and IOS, Android and PC, PC and IOS.
  • Share File supports almost all types of major files format. Apk files, Mp3 and Mp4 files, Doc or PDF files are a few worth mentioning.
  • You do not need any access to the internet when sharing files on Share File.All you need is a local connection which can be made by using inbuilt Wi-Fi of devices.
  • Another advantage of using the Share File app is that it allows you to connect your phone with your PC and vice versa. You can also share files between two different types of devices.

What's New

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2. Improved transmission compatibility