it is one of the best Fast, Private & Secure browsers in the digital market with no ads.


About UC Browser

UC Browser is the most popular cross-platform browser for mobile devices to date. UC Browser is designed to particularly to compress web pages on the fly to reduce data usage. UC Browser does it without breaking the web page, therefore, making it better than other browsers. It is one of the best browsers in the digital market today..
How did UC Browser become famous?
The advertisement for the browser was perfect.UC browser was previously installed in a lot of feature phones and sometime later, Smartphones too before 3G & 4G connectivity were available to the masses in developing countries. The main competitor of was UC Browser was Opera Mini but, Opera lost its relevance in the Smartphone sector. Opera was having internal struggles. UC Browser provided similar services as that of a feature phone, thereby, making it a blazing fast web browser.
Features of UC Browser:-
#1. Does not break compressed pages=You may notice that the page that is loaded is the same as how feature phone browsers display the page when you open Facebook with the help of UC Browser. It’s the same thing for other sites such as Google, Bing, YouTube, Outlook, or Gmail. UC Browser loads pages that are designed for low-end devices, instead of going for a compressed version of the site first. This enhances the loading speed and keeps the services intact. It alters the size of the page elements to make sure that they adapt well to touchscreen devices. The images are compressed by this mobile browser. The browser has different levels of compression. The more you compress the more you worsen the image. Compression helps in loading pages even on extremely slow connections.
#2. You can control the loading content= you also have the authority to control what content is loaded by the browser. This unique feature of UC Browser is not present in the default browsers. You are required to use add-ons to achieve this in other browsers. UC Browser supports this without using add-ons.
When you are low on data and need quick textual information UC browser is the best tool for you. You can easily turn offloading images which will help to load the site faster. You can also choose which font to use to render text in certain scenarios. Providing text with a font that is already on your system will speed up loading times to a great extent.
#3. Best Cross-Platform browser=not only is UC Browser a popular mobile browser, but it also excels at being a cross-platform browser. It has a version for every mobile OS. It also supports old phones. The top mobile OS, such as Android, Windows Phone, and IOS are supported by the browser. It maintains a consistent UI across all these devices. The design language varies from one OS to another. UC Browser does not concern itself with these standard design languages. UC Browser has its own design elements and uses the same across all the platforms. This feature makes it easier to use the app browser on any mobile device.
#4.Night Mode: UC Browser supports an app-wide night mode. This feature allows makes the navigations functions easier to control in the dark, unlike other standard browsers.
The Night Mode not only changes colors of the apps but it also adds a layer in front of the app, reducing contrast and fading out all the parts of the app. Hence you can read in the dark with the help of the app.
#5.Speed Mode: this feature makes loading web pages on UC Browser blazing fast. Speed mode breaks web pages though. Only the necessary texts and links and images are loaded according to your desired specification. If your signal strength is dwindling, and it is taking ages to load a web you can turn on speed mode and download all the essential features you require at an instant.
#6.Data Saving: UC Browser compresses data, speeds up navigation and helps you, retailer, a lot of cell statistics traffic. The greater you browse, the greater statistics you can shop with UC Browser.
#7.Ad Block: Ad-block functionality blocks specific forms of ads that affect your browse experience. It helps you visit webpages Ad-Free on your android devices, no more pop-up banner ads.
#8.Videos for all tastes: UC Browser approves you to watch movies and TV series. The menu categorizes videos in exceptional tastes: humor, clips, girls, anime, trailers, or even battle films.
#9.Facebook Mode: This special feature speeds up Facebook regardless of your community condition. UC Browser continually finds a way to extend your network speed.
#10.Video downloads: UC Browser is the most efficient browser for downloading videos. You do not need to keep a separate app around for YouTube video downloads as the job is done by UC Browser. You can download videos from other web pages too. With the help of this browser, you can download videos from other sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Vimeo.
Why should you have a UC Browser on your mobile phone?
UC Browser plays the role of replacing the stock OS browser on mobile devices. The browser is not that competent on the desktop but on phones, this browser is one of the best. It addresses all the issues that people face while browsing on their phones. You can always keep the UC Browser as an alternate app for browsing and downloading videos.

What's New

UC Browser supports audio playback: play audio with just one tap, to enjoy the richest audio content anytime, anywhere.
Download experience optimization: Clearer display of the download process is provided with a floating icon.
Other product experience optimizations.