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About UC Mini

UC Mini is the simpler and smaller version of UC Browser which is a more powerful mobile browser developed by Alibaba Group. There are many user-friendly features that are provided with the app. UC Mini is useful for small, powerful devices. The UC Mini provides more security and privacy features than any other app available on the market. The browser keeps on updating at regular intervals so that you will be able to make progress with the latest features.

Why should you use UC Mini Browser?

Smartphones are essential tools in business for many people; they use it for doing research via web browsers. Too many open applications can affect browsing speed and the phone’s performance even if there is enough memory storage and Random Access Memory. Hence it is very important to be a smartphone user and ensure your mobile device gives optimum performance.

You can surf with speed and also get extend battery life by using a lightweight mobile web browser like UC Browser Mini. The mini was designed for Android devices with less storage, lower specifications, and slower speed. The app itself requires a less storage space of only 1.6mb.

What is the difference between UC browser and UC Browser Mini?

The main difference between UC Mini Browser and UC is its size. The mini version is small compared to UC browser. The small size feature boosts the performance without any issues. It also loads very quickly. You may ask yourself if the small browser is good enough, why you should install the main browser.  The answer to that question is= the small browser is not equipped with all the features of UC Browser. On the other hand, the tiny browser is meant specifically for those devices with low specifications and features.

Features of UC Mini

There are several features that offer a great browsing user-experience with its tiny size. The main feature is the existence of navigation cards. The Navigation cards allow the user to get local content and services, including cricket and videos during navigation. It also supports background downloading with auto reconnection.

The Browser has a faster browsing mode that saves data usage and time. Incognito Browsing feature is also present that gives the user an option on how they want to surf the net Reading is made enjoyable at night with the help of the Night Mode feature. One of the most amazing features of this little app is Gesture Control. The Gesture control allows you to perform various functions that can be done using a hand gesture like the ability to control videos and adjust volume.

UC Browser Mini was awarded the “Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2013” in the Market Leadership in Mobile Browser Market (APAC) category. In 2012, it won the Best Mobile Browser Award.

UC browser Mini was updated on September 26, 2016. With the help of this update, new features were included as well as bug fixes. There were some improvements which included download management where the user can enjoy faster UC Browser Mini start-up and download instantly. You can search faster on the browser if you copy a text/ Url from anywhere on the mobile device, say, a part of a chat or text.

. Uc mini provides you with the option to stop the download of a third-party browser on our phone or in the desktop. Pop up ads start blinking in our phone or in desktop as because browsers are packed up with unlimited ads. In order to put a stop to these pop-up ads, UC mini gives you ad Blocker that prevents pop up ads from appearing while browsing other websites.

If you do not have insufficient storage available in your device then you need not worry. UC mini has the latest technology of cloud computing. They have their own cloud system in which you can store data from anywhere and can you access it from any devices

How to Download and Install UC Browser Mini

It is quite similar to downloading other mobile apps for android users. All you need to do is make sure you have internet connectivity either from mobile data or wireless internet connection.

You need to open your Play Store and from the search bar, type in “UC Browser Mini”. You will be brought to the results’ page quickly. You have the option of downloading two apps – UC Browser Mini-Smooth and UC Browser-Fast. The UC Browser Fast app allows for faster music and video downloads as well as browsing speed but takes up more memory at 18.58 MB.

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