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Enjoy your favorite videos and channels with the official YouTube app.

About YouTube

What is Youtube?

YouTube is an American video-sharing website, founded in the year 2005. Millions of videos are uploaded and shared on this platform on a regular basis. Videos ranging from movie trailers to funny videos of cats and dogs are what we find on YouTube. Anyone with internet access can share or view content on YouTube.

YouTube is owned by Google and is one of the most popular video sites on the web today. It is available in almost all countries, in nearly fifty different languages. YouTube allows its users to share, upload, view, rate, add to favorites, comment and subscribe to various other users. The content includes documentary films, movie trailers, music videos, TV show clips, live streams and various other content such as educational videos, video blogging etc. Most of the videos are uploaded by individuals. Registered users are allowed to upload the unlimited number of content and add comments to videos whereas unregistered users can view videos on this platform.

Features of YouTube

Playback-Earlier, in order to watch YouTube videos Adobe Flash Player plug-in, was required to be installed in computers but then YouTube came up with an experimental version of this site that used the built-in multimedia capacity of web browsers. Videos can now be viewed without worrying about the installation of Adobe Flash Player.

Big screen interface-The big screen interface makes your navigation easier and is generally more pleasing to use. If you pair any of your devices to your YouTube account, you can use the former device as a remote control for playback.

Double Tap-The double tap feature makes it convenient to seek the video back and forth without much hassle. With the current version of YouTube, you can simply double tap on the left side of the video to rewind it by 10 seconds or fast forward it by double tapping on the right end.

Live Streams-YouTube also allows you to watch live content. YouTube Live and YouTube gaming were launched back in the year 2015. Any verified channel can live stream on YouTube unless it is live streaming restricted.

YouTube Community-Launched back in the year 2016 The Community tab is a new way for creators to interact with their audiences. Creators can post text, Images and other videos in a separate feed and audiences can comment or maybe discuss the content.

Turn Videos into GIFS-GIFs as we all know is a sort of a web language. With just a click you can now convert a normal video into GIFs. GIFs might be a dumb feature for you, but it can be a lot more useful.

Dark Mode-Dark Mode through a recently launched feature, is quite an effective one. Dark themes and Dark modes have been implemented as they are easier on the eyes. The Dark mode feature gives the viewers a cinematic experience.

Uploading- Previously, YouTube allowed its users to upload longer duration videos but then in the year 2006 a ten minute limit was introduced. The ten-minute limit was again increased in the year 2010. YouTube makes of Speech recognition technology to compose video captions. As the captions composed using this technology is not much accurate, hence YouTube provides with options to enter captions manually.

How to download YouTube from 9APPS lite?

Step 1: Access the internet and open the web browser from your Smartphone.

Step 2: Open download link.
Step 3: wait for a few seconds start automatically download an app.

Step 4: Once you have downloaded the app, install it.

Step 5: After installation open the app

Step 6:   Type YouTube on the navigation bar and press the search button.

Step 7: Once the search results appear, you will find YouTube listed there.

Step 8: Click on the YouTube icon and press the download button.

YouTube will be downloaded within a few minutes and is ready to use.

How to watch videos on YouTube?

Firstly users must create a YouTube account or associate an already existing Google account with the YouTube account. It becomes easier for YouTube to learn about your preferences. If you are signed into your Google account, the next time you visit YouTube; it will serve up more videos according to your preferences.

There are multiple ways to find out what you want to watch on YouTube, including:

  • Browse using keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Filter your results by date and popularity.
  • View the rankings of the most popular videos in any preferred category.
  • Go through the trending topics word cloud found at the bottom of most category pages.

What's New

We’re always making improvements to YouTube, launching new features, fixing bugs, and enhancing performance.  For new features, look for in-product education & notifications sharing the feature and how to use it!