Privacy Policy

At 9appslite we consider privacy as a priority because we understand how important a user personal information can be. We assure you that all the information we collect from you will be kept private and away from spammers. We had created this privacy page so that user can better know about the information we collect and why do we collect them.

What Information Do we Collect?

  • 1. COOKIES
    Yes, we do store cookies sometimes to provide the user with the quality experience. Cookies are small text files that are sent by 9appslite to user's device to identify browsers. These text files help in delivering you relevant content and hence better browsing experience. Cookies don't harm your device in any manner as they are generated with the sole intention of better content and ads delivery. Please note that 9appslite automatically erases all the cookies every 24 hours.
  • 2. LOG FILES
    We may also utilize the data located in the log file. A Log File may consist of user's Internet Protocol Address(IP Address), Internet Service Provider (ISP), Web Browser. Log File may also include the time user visited 9appslite and the pages visited by them.
    We also collect user's device information by which they visit 9appslite, So that we may deliver the specific web page we had optimized for their device.
    9appslite only gathers the above-listed information from users. Now the question arises that Why Do We Need To Collect Users Information? Or What We Do With This Information?
    Well, even we don't like to store someone's personal information unnecessarily unless it becomes too important. Read out below to know more

Why Do We Collect User Information?

  • To deliver users the best-optimized page for their device.
  • To help 9appslite identify the returning users and hence providing them cached version for faster page load.
  • To increase the user interaction to the site.
  • To update users with site maintenance and issues.
  • To deliver better ad content or we can say relevant ads that keep users interests in mind.